Kristin Guthrie

Kristin Guthrie

Marketing Executive

“By blending creativity and analytics, I develop impactful and measurable marketing strategies that consistently deliver significant bottom line growth.”

6th Stevie Award

6th Stevie Award

Gold – Customer Engagement Initiative
Gold – Innovation in Customer Service
Silver – Customer Experience
Silver – Customer Insight
Bronze – Customer Feedback Strategy
Bronze – Aerospace and Defense website


Conceive, develop and implement revolutionary marketing strategies that drive business growth and maximize revenue potential.


Reputation for understanding the customer journey and developing strategies and tactics that provide a positive and seamless experience at every touchpoint.


Known for recognizing unfulfilled customer needs and developing and launching highly successful products and services.


Create a culture of empowerment that enables individuals and teams to achieve their full potential while driving positive change and growth.


  • Created strategic and tactical marketing plans, allocated a $4 million budget, and employed product strategies designed to fuel revenue and profit recovery.
  • Developed and implemented multiple strategic roadmaps for Fortune 500 companies, including CRM system implementations and digital transformation, leading to significant increases in revenue and customer satisfaction.
  • Fueled explosion in global brand awareness by leading new brand strategy, including new logo, trademark, positioning, global advertising campaign, brick and mortar facility redesigns, and expanded marketing plan, resulting in a 6X improvement in awareness and $43M in net new sales.  Read More →
  • Led the development of a competitive intelligence engine, increasing knowledge of market changes and competitive insights by 10x through the development of an online, self-fed, searchable repository, monthly newsletter, and real-time desktop alerts. Secured MarTech online research community (MROC) which compressed the development of an accelerated launch plan strategy from 12 months to 120 days.
  • Achieved a 3,600% marketing return on investment (ROI) with Celebrity endorsement campaign.
  • Led a P&L turnaround resulting in single year transformation from 3% loss to 60% profit.
  • Transformed line of business from a cost center with a 35%, 14 year, loss record to break-even within 1 year.
  • Increased inventory turns by 6X, by deploying just in time system to minimize obsolescence and increase demand.
  • Built a customer portal for a Fortune 100 company, which resulted in increased sales and CSAT; equating to a broadened revenue impact of $1B.
  • Identified the relative appeal of new customer portal functional requirements using Maximum Differential and Turf studies, achieving a 97% acceptability score with top 10 “must haves”.
  • Improved effectiveness of digital marketing channels 300% by continuously A/B testing copy, distribution methods, timing, segmentation and content.
  • Shortened sales cycle time through the development of a mobile app for the sales team which delivered real-time geo-based prospect information.
  • Successfully launched a new lead generation tool/channel, resulting in engagement with 15K new prospects within first 60 days.
  • 16% single year, top box score improvement, attributed to new service introduction, resulting in 15M in additional revenue.
  • 32% reduction in at risk, “dissatisfied” customers after implementation of ground breaking engagement efforts.
  • Capitalizing on quantitative research, identified and launched a new product/service offering designed to increase switching costs (stickiness). Within the first 6 months registrations exceeded forecast by 200%, equating to more than $125M in impact revenue.
  • Fueled 71% improvement in actual renewals versus stated intentions, driven by a comprehensive CX strategic improvement plan.
  • Achieved a 16% revenue gain by developing a multidimensional, global, personalization and branding campaign for aircraft owners.  Read More →
  • Deployment of new HR service offering resulted in engagement and retention of target customer segment valued at $512M.
  • Increase brand awareness and product adoption of safety service portal by 600% within the first 6 months of launching a national campaign, working closely with IT, Field Service, and Sales.
  • New service offering resulted in a 25% reduction in price sensitivity for active users.
  • Successfully launched a new and differentiating service/product; exceeding adoption expectations by 200%+, equating to a potential revenue impact of $159M.
  • 100% increase in global brand awareness realized by initiating a complete brand image overhaul, including all collateral, corporate Web site, and development of virtual and trade show promotion tools for high margin aftermarket products.
  • 11% growth in submissions (pipeline) from independent sales agents, due to personalization efforts and targeted CX improvements, equating to $186M growth opportunity.
  • Generated more than $43 million in new sales through direct response, branding, digital advertising and CSAT efforts.
  • Increased bilingual customer content available through custom customer content by 94% (new video production, print material, navigation prompts and white papers.
  • Produced $1.4 million in revenue opportunities with direct marketing and email campaigns within first 30 days of deployment.
  • Built the companies first digital press kit that included company story and mission, branded marketing assets, press releases, and charity and non-profit work. Increasing media impressions by 15X.
  • Secured and led successful $1.6 million consumer-magazine advertising and earned media program increasing exposure by 700% and lead generation by 23%.
  • Led the response, internal investigations and communications for crisis situations, including those with global and regulatory compliance components.
  • Optimized multifunctional team of in-house staff, corporate advertising, and three external agencies for two concurrent product launches that required custom marketing materials, online tools, and sales kits. Developed both campaigns on time and within budget and exceeded adoption targets by 65%.
  • Cataloged and indexed 450+ formal, and disparate, customer communication templates, resulting in a 43% efficiency gain through the reduction of erroneous and redundant communications. After which, communication effectiveness ratings by customers improved by 32%.
  • Led a team of Black Belts and Green Belts delivering $87M in cost savings through operational process redesigns, both enterprise wide and targeted.
  • Reduced customer complaints by 200% through the architecture and implementation of enterprise wide CRM system, optimizing to track, assign and manage escalations customer feedback.
  • Automated customer proposal process; cut 10 business days from processes’ original three-week timeframe by initiating and chairing task team charged with upgrading quality of client acquisition materials and elevating customer experience.
  • Led the web team in creating an “Idea Exchange” site to capture employee innovation ideas and product enhancement suggestions. End to end system with transparency from idea creation to resulting actions and impact.
  • Transformed a $1B organization from a customer service orientation to a world-class CX first mentality.
  • Secured employee engagement portal, delivering a 20X improvement in captured team member innovation ideas and 30% reduction in associated process rework.

$1 Billion

Pipeline Growth Value

Built a customer portal for a Fortune 100 company, which resulted in increased sales and CSAT; equating to a broadened revenue impact of $1B.

$87 Million

Operational Cost Savings

Led a team of Black Belts and Green Belts delivering $87M in cost savings through operational process redesigns, both enterprise wide and targeted.

$186 Million

Organic Growth

11% growth in submissions (pipeline) from independent sales agents, due to personalization efforts and targeted CX improvements, equating to $186M growth opportunity.


Kristin Guthrie industry companies

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Financial Services and Insurance

Workers’ Compensation, Assumed Reinsurance and Catastrophe Insurance.  $1B. San Diego, CA

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Marketing and Customer Experience  (2019 – 2023) – ICW Group
Vice President, Customer Experience  (2016 – 2019) – ICW Group

Increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs by reengineering processes to deliver electronic real-time, automated survey tool that significantly improved both quality standard, responsiveness and SLA compliance across operations.

Boosted internal communications and employee engagement through the deployment of 6 new digital communication channels, resulting in 80% engagement improvement.

Designed robust CRM and enterprise deployment strategy that encompassed both customer and team member interactions – 360 view of the customer.

By developing a comprehensive contact center strategy and business case, including the selection of a robust contact center software that seamlessly integrated with the existing CRM, I strategically improved the company’s ability to provide effortless, consistent, and personalized digital-first experiences to customers.

Implemented a highly effective closed-loop voice of the customer program, resulting in a remarkable 200% increase in identification as the primary carrier of choice.

Developed and oversaw the successful implementation of a 12-month Customer Experience Certification program, which included custom empathy training, sales objection handling, and effective “no” communication techniques.

Efficiently managed corporate marketing, PR, collateral, online assets, video production, and customer service/fulfillment department to successfully launch new 3rd party product in 23 approved states within 90-day window.

Collaborated with HR to develop a comprehensive rebranding strategy for ICW’s mission, vision, and values, including internal communications and change management efforts.

Recognized by Digital Insurance Magazine with the Top Woman in Insurance Leadership Award.

Aerospace SaaS and Manufacturing

Fortune 100 Defense and Aerospace – Engine and Parts Manufacturer and Supplier.  Phoenix, AZ

Vice President, Customer Experience – Aerospace  (2013 – 2016) – Honeywell
Director of Strategic Marketing – Aerospace  (2011 – 2013) – Honeywell

Created an online repository with real-time data inputs from field and third-party resources for competitive intelligence, resulting in improved ability to identify and leverage market changes and extract valuable business insights.

Created impactful media mix calculator that precisely forecasted channel reach and frequency. Automated reach percentage calculation for desired conversion and revenue goals, driving substantial business achievements.

Headed the product and strategic marketing teams to facilitate the prosperous development, introduction, and uptake of SaaS solutions across the globe, leading to substantial OEM victories and increased aftermarket penetration.

Leveraged critical research on the market and competition to segment and identify target markets and execute the most effective market-penetration approach.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Transportation

Manufacturer and Service Supplier of Business Jets, Turboprop and Single Engine Aircraft. Wichita, KS

Director of Marketing & Sales – Customer Service (2007- 2011) – Cessna Aircraft
Six Sigma Master Black Belt Sales and Marketing (2003 – 2007) – Cessna Aircraft
Director Business Integration, CRM and Lead Generation (2002 – 2003) – Cessna Aircraft
Director of Marketing, Single Engine (2001 – 2002) – Cessna Aircraft

Facilitated some of company’s highest, direct marketing open rates throughout 2009 at 41% by identifying unique selling propositions (need) and incorporating engagement tools (video, A/B testing, live elements and call to action).

Increased dealer participation 200% by revitalizing brand and invigorating a lead generation and distribution program.

Championed a change management initiative aimed at transforming the company culture into a quality-driven and customer-focused organization. To ensure successful implementation, I spearheaded the development of KPI metrics and their incorporation into OKRs and MBOs (Management by Objectives).

Collaborated with IT and Sales teams to create the company’s inaugural lead attribution tool, determining optimal marketing communication mix and timing. This effort led to a significant 63% improvement in lead quality.

Created and implemented a brand style guide to reinforce brand equity and decrease non-compliance across company-owned global facilities and independent sales channels. This initiative resulted in an 80% reduction in variance.

Curated the design and optimization of the company website, resulting in an 80% reduction in ADA non-compliance and a 30% increase in online form submissions and lead conversions.

Boosted sales waterfall analysis project by enhancing data acquisition, process mapping, and waste quantification, successfully identifying sales leakage and driving significant improvements in overall sales performance.

Led the functional requirements gathering and prioritization for, collaborating across the organization to build effective sales and marketing modules, resulting in a successful deployment and widespread adoption of the platform.

Facilitated diversity sessions to assess employee perception of company’s diversity efforts, collaborating to identify and prioritize changes to enhance initiatives and promote a greater sense of belonging.

Launched innovative BPO solution with on-demand technicians, SaaS, and flight management software. Executed effective go-to-market strategy through extensive market research to capture significant market share.

Developed and executed highly targeted Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies to drive engagement and revenue growth, resulting in a significant increase in the conversion rate of high-value accounts.

Revolutionized data governance processes by implementing best practices, including comprehensive data entry and scrubbing procedures, leading to significant improvements in data accuracy and overall operational efficiency.

Environmental Engineering and Consulting

Global Engineering and Consulting Firm – Regulatory Compliance, Ecology & Water, Built Environments and Life Sciences. Dallas, TX

Education Business Manager (1996 – 1998) – Trinity Consultants, Inc.

Secured approval of 7-member senior executive team and company’s board of directors after presenting brand management proposal that included corporate standards and new logo/identify plan.

Tripled post-training consulting sales by customizing content to address customer knowledge gaps, resulting in enhanced company credibility and improved reputation as a trusted partner.

B2C Technology, Retail and Home Security

Retailer, Reseller and Training Provider for Computer, Software and Technology Products. Phoenix, AZ

Training Center Business Manager / Marketing Manager (03/93-07/96) – CompUSA

Optimized department’s operating budget by rebalancing FTEs and contract labor, formulating budget & sales re-projections, improving inventory turns and implementing process improvements.

Led retail team to implement six annual promotional programs created for corporate stores to update brand image of add-on service offering. Increased enrollment by 300%.

Converted a -3% profit margin to 60% net profit in under 12 months, surpassing the national company average of 9%.

Built the business plan for the company’s first T1 product service offering. Extremely successful launch, reaching break-even within first 4 months.


Full Service Commercial and Residential Security. Wichita, KS

Director of Marketing Communications and Operations (1999 – 2001) – Protection One
Affinity Marketing Manager (1998 – 1999) – Protection One

Through the implementation of a comprehensive marketing program, which included print, radio, direct mail, TV commercials & media placement, word-of-mouth initiatives, and personalized visits to target affinity partners, I achieved a significant 45% year-over-year increase in sales, as well as enhanced brand recognition and increased customer awareness.

Established the Protection One Marketing Services Division from startup, which involved putting together an operating strategy, recruiting personnel, formulating policies and procedures, and arranging distribution channels.

Initiated new partnerships and enhanced existing ones with major utility companies, banking institutions, and large retailers, resulting in a 30-fold rise in the prospect base.

Establishment of a marketing and operations agency business from scratch, which involved creating a blueprint, developing the organizational structure, strategic planning, managing profit and loss, building account relationships, and recruiting staff.


Master of Business Administration in Marketing, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Bachelor of Science in Marketing, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas

Marketing Leadership Education Program (MLEP), Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

NACD Directorship Certification,
National Association of Corporate Directors

Textron Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Master Black Belt Certification

Certified Customer Experience Professional

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